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About Us

Get the better Investment ideas from MIR UNISERV. A SEBI-Registered firm in Research analysis. We are one amongst many who are certified to provide expert research for your Investment goals.

Goals are those that bring you on the stock market to achieve with Purity, Patience, Hardwork and Perseverance. Not getting persecuted or ruined with your own money, but to make it grow with time. Pay the right kind of nurturing like you are doing with your family and friends.

SEBI-Registration No: INH100007639
Team of Qualified Analysts
Multiasset Class Research
Products Suitable for Every Trader

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Fair Profits

We aim to provide reliable and steady profits from our research analysis.

Emotionless Trading

Our system doesn’t let emotions influence decisions, helping you stay focused and make rational choices based on data.

Portfolio Performance

With our advanced tools, we work to enhance the overall performance of your trading portfolio.

Efficient Market Psychology

Established Trading Models

Simple Yet Effective Techniques

Why Choose Us

We're here to amplify your trading success exponentially

Technology Models

MIR Uniserv uses advance-tech and analysis for informed trading, helping you seize opportunities."


"SEBI-registered, we prioritize your trust with reliable, regulated, and transparent services, ensuring your investment's safety and your peace of mind."

Focused Growth

At MIR Uniserv, we prioritize long-term growth through tailored investment plans that match your unique objectives and risk tolerance."


"Every investor is unique. Our diverse strategies cater to your preferences – conservative for capital preservation, medium-risk for balance, and advanced for higher growth."

Our Services

We optimize stock market research for trading success.

Morning Report

Get a head start on your day with our helpful Morning Report of Stock Market at MIR Uniserv.

Market Commentary

Get ahead in trading with our Mid-Day Market Report at MIR Uniserv.

Research Result

At MIR Uniserv, we offer a complete and flexible Option Buying and Selling Service to meet all your trading needs.

Pricing Plans

We are Offering Competitive Prices for Our Clients

Monthly Plan

For 1 Month(for all segments)

15,000 +18% GST

Available with Index and Stocks.
Notification via Whatsapp and SMS
Dedicated 1 Data Analyst made available 12*5
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Quarterly Plan

For 3 Months(for all segments)

45,000+18% GST

Available with Index Trading.
Notification via Whatsapp and SMS
Dedicated 1 Support Team made available 9*5
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Half-yearly Plan

For 6 Months(for all segments)

90,000+18% GST

Available with Index and Stocks.
Notification via Whatsapp and SMS
Dedicated 1 Data Analyst made available 12*5
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Annual Plan

For 12 Months(for all segments)

1,80,000+18% GST

Accessible for indices, stocks, commodities, and currencies
Notify through email, WhatsApp, and
Dedicated Data Analyst Support 12*5
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